Lady Bug Nail Polish Holder | Makes Nail Polishing Easier & Much Safer From Spills

Made In The USA, As Seen on TV

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Say goodbye to annoying nail polish spills forever!

never fumble with your nail polish bottle again!

rocks without spilling & holds every bottle size!!!

  • Rocks without spilling!
  • Holds every bottle size!!!
  • Say goodbye to annoying spills forever!
  • Never fumble with your bottle again!
  • Free up Your Hands For Other Things!


How LadyBug Spill-Proof Bottle Holder Works!

The design of Lady Bug is genius!  Because of the smooth – no edges – design, the Lady Bug is virtually impossible to tip over.  But, the 3 dots on the base allows you to tilt the Lady Bug Nail Polish Holder and it stays in place. 

So, you get the best of both worlds –

Lady Bug won’t tip over but you can position it so your polish points up, back or forward. 

Plus, Lady Bug will let you use any size and shape bottle.

"What I love about this product is the fact that it fits a wide variety of different shapes of bottles."

 I love it! And yes I use it every time I paint my nails! Every single time! :)
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